14. gc-powertest

This tool is used to test power consumption and temperature of the IPU processor.

Note that:

  • The program runs indefinitely until killed (with Ctrl-C).

  • It can be run multiple times to start code on other IPUs.

  • Temperatures are reported in degrees Celsius.

  • After running gc-powertest it’s a good idea to reset the IPUs (using the gc-reset tool) otherwise they’ll be left running at high power.

To use this tool, run:

gc-powertest -d {device_id}

where {device_id} is the id number returned by the gc-inventory tool.

Some typical output is shown below (split into three separate columns here). This example is for a single IPU in an IPU-M2000. Similar output will be generated for other systems.

The output is constantly updated until the process is killed. The first column shows power readings taken from the board:

|                     CARD LEVEL
|            XDPE132G5C             |
| 0001: 024.50W  021.50W  T046.00W  |
| 0002: 024.50W  022.00W  T046.50W  |
| 0003: 024.50W  021.00W  T045.50W  |
| 0004: 024.50W  021.50W  T046.00W  |

The second column shows temperature readings

     CARD LEVEL                                |
| B_COL0:0 B_COL1:0 B_IN:0   B_MID:0  B_OUT:0  |
| 041C     039C     038C     034C     039C     |
| 041C     039C     038C     034C     039C     |
| 041C     039C     038C     034C     039C     |
| 041C     039C     038C     034C     039C     |

The third column shows temperature and clock readings measured on the IPU:

|                       IPU#1                      |
| 0:PVT0    0:PVT1    0:PVT2    0:PVTE    CLOCK    |
| 039.4C    037.2C    038.3C    033.3C    1330MHz  |
| 039.1C    037.2C    038.3C    033.3C    1330MHz  |
| 038.8C    037.2C    038.5C    033.6C    1330MHz  |
| 039.1C    036.9C    038.5C    033.3C    1330MHz  |

By default, the power test will run with 0% IPU processing load. The load can be set with the -p option. This must be in multiples of 10%. For systems older than IPU-M2000 only, 20%, 50% or 100% loads can be requested.

For example:

gc-powertest -d {device_id} -p 50

14.1. Usage

14.1.1. Allowed options

-p {arg}, --percent-load {arg}

IPU load percentage (default: 0)

-d {id}, --device-id {id}

Device id

-b {binary}, --binary {binary}

Use custom IPU binary file

-v, --verbose

Verbose mode

-j, --json-output

Emit JSON output

-t {time}, --time {time}

Time in seconds of the measurements (0 is infinite) (default: 0)

-h, --help

Produce help message


Version number