5. TroubleshootingΒΆ

If you encounter an issue where the IPU-M2000s get into an unusable state and using the gc-reset tool does not resolve it then you can reset the Virtual-IPU partition using the Virtual-IPU command line interface.

Resetting the partition will:

  • ensure that the IPUoF server is running on the IPU-M2000s

  • configure the IPUs in the partition and the IPU links between them

To reset the partition:

  1. Identify the partition name (this is the first field of the output)

$ vipu -H localhost list partition
  1. Reset the partition

$ vipu -H localhost reset partition <partition_name>
  1. Check that the partition is ready for use

Resetting the partition can take a few minutes.

$ vipu -H localhost list partition

The partition is ready for use when the state is ACTIVE.

For more information about Virtual-IPU, see the V-IPU User Guide.