The IPU-POD DA provides a web user-interface (UI) that displays information about the V-IPU cluster that represents the IPU-M2000s. The UI shows software entities such as V-IPU agents (one for each IPU-M2000) in a V-IPU cluster. It also shows the default V-IPU partition which is the set of IPUs available to all Poplar users of the system.

You can also use the UI to perform a partition reset that re-initialises the IPU-Links, sync network and IPUs. Care should be taken when resetting the partition if multiple users are sharing the system.

The normal use case will be to access this UI from the local server attached to the IPU-POD. In this case, the UI can be reached by opening a browser and entering the URL http://<gui-ip-address>:8092. You will need to ask your system administrator for the IP address to use.

If you want to access the UI from a remote server, then you will need to connect to the server attached to the IPU-POD DA through an SSH tunnel. To do this, open a terminal or console window on the server where you want to run the browser and use the following command that was automatically set up by the install program:

$ ssh -L 8092:<server-machine>:8092 -L 9900:<server-machine>:9900 <remote-server>

After you have entered any authentication that is needed to set up the SSH tunnel, you can open the UI by going to http://localhost:8092 in your browser.

System overview page

The system overview page is the main page presented when connecting to the UI. It shows the system information for the top-level entities in the IPU‑POD.


System overview

You can use the left sidebar to navigate, or you can click any of the statistics on the overview page to go to the corresponding page for further information.

IPU information page

This page lists basic information for all IPUs in the system and how they are identified within each IPU-M2000. The architecture column shows the IPU chip generation.


IPU information

Partitions page

The partitions page shows information about all partitions configured in the system. An IPU-POD DA supports only a single partition.



You can click on a partition to get more information about it.


Partition details

To reset a partition, click the “Reset Partition [GSD]” button. This will display a warning and if you click “Continue” it will perform the reset.


Partition reset

IPU-M2000 information page

The IPU-M2000 information page shows information about all IPU-M2000s in the system. It lists the IP addresses used to access the GW management ports via SSH.

This page also shows the test result indicator of the last cluster test performed.



You can click on an IPU-M2000 to see more information about it. This will open a page showing more detailed information for the selected IPU-M2000.


IPU-M2000 details

Cluster information pages

The clusters page list of all the clusters configured on the system as well as some basic information about each cluster.



An IPU-POD DA only supports a single cluster. The cluster represents all the IPU-M2000s in the IPU-POD DA. Cluster attributes give information about the cabling topologies detected when scanning cable routing between IPU-M2000s.

You can click on a cluster to open the cluster information page with more information.


Cluster details

Self-test page

The self-test page shows the most recent self-test result. This is the one that was generated when the cluster test was run during IPU-POD DA setup (see the IPU-POD DA Build & Test Guide).


Self test