2. Quick start for experts

Complete any necessary setup to use your IPU system (see Section 1.1, IPU systems) before the following steps.

2.1. Enable the Poplar SDK

$ source [path-to-sdk]/enable
$ popc --version

where [path-to-sdk] is the path to the Poplar SDK.

2.2. Clone the Graphcore examples

You may need to clone the Graphcore examples GitHub repository in order to run the example application. For convenience we set an environment variable to the tutorials directory.

To clone the examples repository for the latest version of the Poplar SDK:

$ cd ~/[base dir]
$ git clone https://github.com/graphcore/examples.git
$ cd examples/tutorials
$ export POPLAR_TUTORIALS_DIR=$(pwd)

where [base_dir] is a location of your choice.


If you are using a version of the Poplar SDK prior to version 3.2, then refer to Section A, Install examples and tutorials for older Poplar SDK versions for how to install examples and tutorials.

2.3. Run the application

$ cd ${POPLAR_TUTORIALS_DIR?}/simple_applications/poplar/mnist/
$ ./get_data.sh
$ make
$ ./regression-demo -IPU 10 50

Refer to Section 3.4, Run the application for details of the command line options for the application.

The examples repo contains other tutorials and applications you can try. See Section 4, Next steps for more information.