1. Overview

The following blog articles introduce using PyTorch Geometric on IPUs:

New to IPUs?

We suggest watching the Fundamentals of the IPU and Poplar video, which introduces the IPU architecture and programming model.

You can also read the IPU Programmer’s Guide and Switching from GPUs to IPUs for Machine Learning Models for more details on these topics.

1.1. Documentation

The document PyTorch Geometric for the IPU: User Guide describes PopTorch Geometric, the set of extensions for PyTorch Geometric, enabling Graph Neural Network models to be trained, evaluated and used on Graphcore IPU hardware.

1.2. Running applications


There are three ways you can run PyTorch Geometric applications:

  1. Directly on the system using the setup described in this document.

  2. In a PyTorch Geometric Docker container that has already been setup. Refer to Using IPUs from Docker for more information.

1.2.1. IPU systems

Before following the setup instructions in this Quick Start guide, you must be able to log into a system with access to IPUs. Details are given in the getting started guide for your system:

1.3. Tutorials

The PyTorch Geometric tutorials in the Graphcore GitHub Examples repository cover the following topics:


Follow the setup instructions in Section 2, Environment setup to set up your system to run these tutorials.