2. Release overview

2.1. Operating system support

See Table 4.3 for details of the operating systems supported.

  • PyTorch is no longer supported on Debian 10. This change enables the Poplar SDK to support PyTorch version 2.0.1.

2.2. PopTorch Geometric (preview)

  • Added support for many more layers and operations, including aggregation operations and normalisation layers.

  • Added functionality to catch layers and operators that use dynamic shapes, switching them for a static alternative or raising to the user if not.

  • Increased support for heterogeneous graphs.

  • Improvements to the fixed size data loaders:

    • They are now drop in replacements for their upstream counterparts, for example poptorch_geometric.FixedSizeDataLoader is now a “drop-in” replacement for torch_geometric.DataLoader.

    • Extended support for heterogeneous data loading.

    • Added poptorch_geometric.FixedSizeNeighborLoader.

2.3. PopTorch

Compatible with PyTorch 2.0.1 (upgraded from 1.13.1)

  • Added support for additional torch operations, mostly to enable support for additional PopTorch Geometric layers and operations.

2.4. Model Runtime

  • Added support for error handling in ModelRunner.