2. List of changes

The following sections lists changes in version 22.05.8. Each component lists the following information:

  • V-IPU Slurm changelog: lists important bug fixes and relevant functionality that has been added.

  • V-IPU Slurm known issues: lists all important issues that impact Virtual-IPU Slurm functionality known to the date.

  • V-IPU Slurm compatibility changes: captures any changes that need to be applied to existing deployments, to remain compatible with this version of the Virtual-IPU Slurm software.

2.1. V-IPU Slurm changelog

V-IPU Slurm is based on Slurm v22.05.8.

See the Slurm release notes or the RELEASE_NOTES file in the source tarball for more information.

22.05.8 (build 1058)

  • Rebased Graphcore Slurm resource selection plugin to Slurm v22.05.8

  • Fixed source packages to include pre-built V-IPU client

2.2. V-IPU Slurm known issues

The following section details known issues in v22.05.8.


  • Configuring V-IPU GRES in both gres.conf and slurm.conf might lead to incorrect counting of IPU resources. The preferred option is to specify V-IPU GRES in slurm.conf.

  • Files *.vipu.conf without all options specified might be read incorrectly.

2.3. V-IPU Slurm compatibility changes

The following section details compatibility changes in v22.05.8.

V-IPU Slurm 22.05.8 is not compatible with:

  • previous V-IPU Slurm releases

  • SchedMD Slurm