1. Introduction

This document lists the host servers that are approved for use with Pod systems.


The information in this document applies to Graphcore Pod systems, which covers both IPU-POD systems (such as the IPU‑POD64 and IPU‑POD256) and Bow Pod systems (such as Bow Pod64 and Bow Pod256). In this context, the term IPU-Machine refers to the blades installed in your system, so IPU-M2000 in IPU-POD systems and Bow-2000 in Bow Pod systems.

IPU-Machines can be used in switched Pod systems such as the IPU‑POD64 or Bow Pod64 and IPU‑POD256 or Bow Pod256. They can also be used in “direct attach” mode, where the IPU-Machines are connected directly to the host server, rather than via network switches. Such a system is referred to as a Pod DA system, examples are the IPU‑POD16 DA or Bow Pod16.

This document lists host servers that are approved for use with Pod switched and direct attached systems.

Graphcore fully qualifies and tests server configurations using one CPU processor variant, which we call the default option. This default option is indicated in the configuration tables. Compatible CPU variants which are suitable for systems with different numbers of IPU-Machines are also shown.

As other servers are qualified, they will be added to this list. If your preferred server is not included, please contact us for detailed information on how partners can certify other servers with the same specification. Customers should speak to their authorised Graphcore reseller in the first instance.

For information on using Pod DA systems, refer to Getting started with Pod DA systems. For switched Pod systems refer to Getting started with Pod systems.

1.1. Supported server list