4. Running a program on the IPU-POD DA

You are now ready to run your first program on the IPU-POD DA. The Poplar SDK contains a number of example programs, for example, the program adder_ipu.cpp builds a simple graph to add two vectors together and return the result.

  1. Make a copy of the poplar/examples/adder directory in your working directory

  2. Compile the program:

$ make
  1. Run the program.

It will produce the following output:

$ ./adder_ipu
Creating graph
Building engine
v1 sum = 10
v2 sum = 65

This simple example just runs on one IPU. Further examples and tutorials can be found in the Graphcore GitHub repositories examples and tutorials, such as a simple pipelining example using TensorFlow.

See Section 6, Next steps for more information on writing your own programs for the IPU.