1. Overview

The IPU‑POD64 reference design is a rack solution containing 16 IPU-M2000s, one to four host servers (the default is one host server in the reference configuration), network switches and IPU-POD software. There are 64 Mk2 GC200 IPUs in total with four IPUs in each IPU-M2000. For more information on IPU-POD systems available from Graphcore see https://www.graphcore.ai/products.


This guide is for properly trained service personnel and technicians who are required to install the IPU‑POD64.

If you have any questions then please contact your Graphcore representative or use the resources on the Graphcore support portal: https://www.graphcore.ai/support.

1.1. Acronyms and abbreviations

This is a short list that describes some of the most commonly used terms in this document.

Table 1.1 Glossary




Baseboard Management Controller: standby power domain service processor doing system hardware management


Bill of Materials


A graph compile domain is operated by a single Poplar Instance within the system, either within a single IPU-M2000 unit or within several units connected by IPU-Link cables


Short for IPU-Gateway, a device that disaggregates the Server and the four IPUs in the IPU-M2000 across a RoCE network, provides external IPU Exchange Memory, and enables IPU scaleout across 100GbE (IPU-GW-link) for rack-to-rack connectivity


High speed communication link(s) that interconnect IPUs and IPU-GWs horizontally between IPU-M2000 units. Special cables are required for GW-Links between IPU-M2000 units


High speed communication links that interconnect IPUs within and between IPU-M2000 units. Special cables are required for IPU-Links between IPU-M2000 units


Power Distribution Unit


Remote DMA


RDMA Network Interface Controller


RDMA over converged Ethernet


Top of Rack. Often used in combination with the ToR RDMA switch that is placed on top of the IPU-M2000 stacked units