2. Installation requirements

2.1. Physical

  • The IPU‑POD64 rack size is 42U: 600mm (W) X 1200mm (D) x 1991mm (H).

  • A fully populated IPU‑POD64 rack weighs 450 kg (943 lbs), in a single server configuration.

Instructions for unpacking the APC AR3300SP rack can be found here.

Note that a forklift will be required for installation of a fully populated rack into a data centre.

2.2. Power

The standard build for an IPU‑POD64 rack contains two redundant 22 kW PDUs (APC metered rack PDU AP8886).

The input power required per IPU‑POD64 rack is:

  • PDU input voltage: 380/400 VAC 3 Phase 50/60 Hz

  • PDU input: IEC 60309 32 A 3-Phase + N + E

  • PDU whip (cord) length: 1.8 metres (exit top of IPU‑POD64 rack)

2.3. Thermal

The requirements for thermal management of a default IPU‑POD64 are:

  • Airflow requirements: 1723 CFM or higher

  • Provisioned cooling: minimum 19 kW

  • Airflow is from front of rack (single door, cold aisle side) to rear of rack (split door, hot aisle side)