1. Overview

This Quick Start guide describes how to set up PopART to run a simple application from the Graphcore tutorials repository on the IPU.

If you are already familiar with PopART then Section 2, Quick start for experts provides a summary of the steps focussing on the necessary commands. If you need more detail, this can be found in Section 3, Quick start for beginners.

You can expect the setup steps to take no more than 15 minutes.

This document is applicable if you are accessing IPUs on the systems defined in the Prerequisites section.


There are two ways you can run PopART applications:

  1. Directly on the system using the setup described in this document.

  2. In a PopART Docker container that has already been setup. Refer to Using IPUs from Docker for more information.

1.1. Prerequisites

Before following the instructions in this Quick Start guide, you must be able to log into a system with access to IPUs. Details are given in the getting started guide for your system: