Getting Started

Background information

Poplar SDK Overview

A description of the Poplar SDK with instructions for downloading and installing

IPU Programmer’s Guide

An introduction to the IPU architecture, programming model and tools available

Using IPUs from Docker

User guide for the pre-built Graphcore Docker containers for Poplar SDK components

A Dictionary of Graphcore Terminology

A dictionary of specialised terms related to Graphcore technology


Tutorials to help you get started using the Poplar SDK and Graphcore tools to run code on the IPU. You can also access these from the GitHub examples repository.

Switching from GPUs to IPUs for Machine Learning Models

High-level overview of the programming changes required when switching from GPUs to IPUs.

Cloud partners

Getting Started with Graphcloud

How to access IPUs and run ML applications on Graphcloud

Gcore Cloud: Getting Started with IPUs

How to access IPUs and run ML applications on Gcore Cloud

Paperspace: Getting Started with IPUs

How to access IPUs and run ML applications on Paperspace

Quick start guides

These quick start guides can be used whether you are accessing IPUs through the cloud or if you have your own Pod hardware.

PyTorch Quick Start

Run a PyTorch application

PyTorch Geometric Quick Start

Summary of the resources available to get started with using PyTorch Geometric on IPUs

Jupyter Notebook Quick Start

Run an application on IPUs from a Jupyter Notebook

TensorFlow 2 Quick Start

Run a TensorFlow 2 application

Poplar Quick Start

Run an application directly in the Poplar Graph Programming Framework

Profiling Quick Start

Profile code that runs on the IPU as well as code that runs on the host server

Monitoring Hardware Quick Start

Some tips on how to troubleshoot possible hardware problems

Pod systems

Getting Started with Bow Pod and IPU-POD Systems

Installing the Poplar SDK and setting up the IPU-POD ready to run your application

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