11. Frequently asked questions

Question: How can I use the System Analyser over X-Forwarding on macOS?

Answer: To view the System Analyser over X-forwarding on macOS, follow these steps:

  • On your macOS machine, download and install XQuartz from https://www.xquartz.org/.

  • Start the XQuartz app, and start a terminal session from within it.

  • In the terminal, enter ssh -X [username]@[host], supplying the username and host for the remote machine.

  • In the SSH session, run the following commands (assuming you want to use version 2.7.2 of the System Analyser):

$ wget https://github.com/graphcore/popvision_system_analyser/releases/download/v2.7.2/popvision-system-analyser-2.7.2.AppImage
    $ chmod +x ./popvision-system-analyser-2.7.2.AppImage
    $ ./popvision-system-analyser-2.7.2.AppImage

The System Analyser application should then start up and work normally over X.