22. IPU TensorFlow Addons API changes

22.1. Release 2.5

The following changes have been made to the IPU TensorFlow Addons API in the Poplar SDK version 2.5. This may require you to change your code.

22.1.1. Non-breaking changes

RNN available_memory_proportion_fwd/available_memory_proportion_bwd deprecated

The available_memory_proportion_fwd and available_memory_proportion_bwd arguments have been deprecated and will be removed from the following layers in a future release:

  • ipu_tensorflow_addons.v1.layers.rnn_ops.PopnnLSTM

  • ipu_tensorflow_addons.v1.layers.rnn_ops.PopnnDynamicLSTM

  • ipu_tensorflow_addons.v1.layers.rnn_ops.PopnnGRU

  • ipu_tensorflow_addons.v1.layers.rnn_ops.PopnnDynamicGRU

  • ipu_tensorflow_addons.v1.layers.rnn_ops.PopnnAUGRU

These values are now set using the 'availableMemoryProportion' key of the options and options_bwd arguments correspondingly.

22.2. Release 2.4

First IPU TensorFlow Addons release.