9. System integration testing

9.1. Cluster tests

Use the test cluster command built in to the vipu-admin tool to perform tests on a newly created cluster before any partitions are created. More details about cluster test commands can be found in the V-IPU administrator guide.

$ vipu-admin create cluster c128 --num-ipulinkdomains 2 --topology torus
 --cluster-topology looped --agents ag1,ag2,ag3,ag4,ag5,ag6,ag7,ag8,ag9,

$ vipu-admin test cluster c128

A brief summary of the functions covered by this test are:

  • Cabling topology – verify by reading cable IDs that cables are all connected and consistent with supported topology

  • Sync-Links – verify external sync cabling connecting IPU-M2000s including across domains

  • IPU-Links – verify that all IPU-Links are up, connected correctly and trained to the maximum speed (PCIe Gen4)

  • Traffic – exercise the IPU-Links within each domain to verify data transport between IPUs as required for normal operation

  • GW-Links – verify all GW-Link cabling is correct (like the IPU-Links test)

  • GW-traffic - verify communication over the GW-Links (like the traffic test for IPU links). Note: this test is not enabled by default, use the following command to run it: test cluster <cluster> --gw-traffic

  • Versions – check that all system components in the cluster have consistent software versions