5. Replacing cables in a Pod

These instructions describe how to replace a cable in a Pod.

5.1. About replacing cables

Cables can be replaced at anytime. It is not necessary to power off the Pod, but you must make sure that there are no machine learning jobs running.


Replacing any of the following cables while machine learning jobs are running will cause problems:

  • Host-Link

  • Management

  • Sync-Link

  • IPU-Link

  • scale out (GW-Link, external network)

5.2. Ordering replacement cables

See Section 2, Ordering spare or replacement parts for how to order replacement cables.

5.3. Replacement procedure

  1. Obtain the correct cable.

  2. Ensure that there are no machine learning jobs running that use the affected equipment.

  3. Unplug the faulty cable.

  4. Plug in the replacement cable.