C600 cards


These documents only apply to the C600 PCIe cards. At present, the C600 cards are only supported in China.

English documents

C600 Datasheet

Technical specification for the C600 PCIe Gen4 card.

IPU Inference Toolkit Quick Start

Deploy a trained model to a C600 IPU

IPU Inference Toolkit User Guide

Deploy trained models to Graphcore IPU products conveniently and quickly

PopRT User Guide

Tool for converting and compiling trained models for running on a C600 IPU

Kubernetes IPU Device Plugin License

License details for use of the Kubernetes IPU Device Plugin

C600 PCIe SMBus Interface

SMBus specification for C600 cards

C600 PCIe Accelerator: Power and Thermal Control

Power consumption, fan control, and thermal protection mechanisms for C600 cards


C600 数据手册

C600 Gen4卡技术参数

IPU 推理工具包快速入门

将训练后的模型部署到 C600 IPU

IPU 推理工具包用户指南

方便快捷地将训练好的模型部署到Graphcore IPU产品

PopRT 用户指南

工具:转换和编译在 C600 IPU 上运行的训练好的模型