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Graphcore OpenStack reference design for IPU-POD systems

This document illustrates a reference configuration of a Graphcore IPU‑POD64 deployed with OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing infrastructure management software. The IPU‑POD64 contains 64 IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units) and OpenStack is used to manage these IPU resources via its API and UI.

OpenStack can be deployed in a variety of different configurations, and Graphcore does not endorse or support any particular configuration. OpenStack is also not a pre-requisite for using Graphcore technology, however, OpenStack is often used as an underlying infrastructure in data centres, and you should treat this sample description as a set of guidelines from which you can derive your own configuration of a Graphcore IPU solution on your own existing particular implementation of OpenStack.

Scaling AI with Graphcore and Pure Storage

This technical note describes an example reference architecture, developed with Pure Storage, for using FlashBlade storage with the IPU-POD.

Data and AI teams today need simple yet powerful infrastructure to take ideas from experimentation to production rapidly. They need end-to-end infrastructure that provides a performant platform that is easy to set up, but that does not impede the work of data scientists and machine-learning engineers. Graphcore and Pure Storage® have brought intelligent compute and storage together to create a converged infrastructure solution to serve machine-learning workloads of all sizes while maintaining simplicity and performance at any scale.

Other Information

Graphcore Approved Servers

Specification of servers approved for use with IPU-Machines and IPU-POD systems.

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