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Licensed Software

This software is made available under the terms of the Graphcore End User License Agreement (EULA). Please ensure you have read and accept the terms of the license before using the software.

Release notes for each software release can be found on the Graphcore software download site.

Getting Started

Information on how to install the drivers and other essential software for your IPU hardware, how to run your first IPU program and get started with frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch:

PopRun and PopDist support running applications across multiple IPUs:

An introduction to the IPU architecture, programming model and tools available:

A description of the components of the Poplar SDK and instructions for downloading and installing:

A set of pre-built Docker packages containing components of the Poplar SDK:

A dictionary of specialised terms related to Graphcore technology:


User guides and API reference for the IPU implementation of TensorFlow and Keras:

Technical Notes

A summary of the process of porting your TensorFlow application to the IPU:

Exploiting the parallelism of the IPUs for your TensorFlow application:

Tips for managing graph compilation in TensorFlow:


Support for PyTorch on the IPU:


The Poplar Advanced Runtime (PopART) for importing and executing models from industry standard ML frameworks, using the ONNX format:

Poplar Graph Programming Framework

Information on how to use the Poplar graph programming tools to write code for the IPU:

Details of the functions in the Poplar and PopLibs libraries provided in the Poplar SDK:

Information about programming in vertices on the IPU. This also includes some useful detail about memory layout, programming in assembly language and interfaces to other tools:

Profiling and Debugging

The documentation for the PopVision Graph Analyser and System Analyser. This information is also available as context-sensitive help in the tools.

The contents of the files created by the Poplar tools with static and runtime profiling information. These files are mainly intended for use by the PopVision Graph Analyser but this may be useful to user’s wanting to understand the data for their own purposes or tool development:

Open Source Software

The following software is available as open source:

See also the Examples and Tutorials.

License Agreements