11. Serial over LAN (SoL)

This section describes how to get access to the serial console of the IPU-Gateway over the LAN interface. Serial over LAN (SoL) support is only available using the CLI and IPMI interfaces.

11.1. BMC command line

On the BMC command line, use the obmc-console-client command to access the IPU-Gateway serial console. If the chassis is powered on, a prompt appears and authentication is needed to log in.

  • To exit from obmc-console-client, type: <Return>~~.. (Note: two ~ characters)

  • To exit from the ssh session to BMC, type: <Return>~.

In order to directly connect to the IPU-Gateway serial console from a remote machine, use the command:

$ ssh root@<BMC-IP> -p 2200

11.2. IPMI

To access the IPU-Gateway serial console using IPMI, use the following command:

$ ipmitool -I lanplus -C 3 -p 623 -U <bmcuser> -P <bmcpass> -H <bmcip> sol activate

To exit from the console, type: <Return>~~. (Note: two ~ characters)