Examples and Tutorials


The Graphcore GitHub examples repository contains a catalogue of application examples that have been optimised to run on Graphcore IPUs for both training and inference. The available code covers a wide range of popular models including NLP, Computer Vision, Speech, Multimodal, GNNs, AI for Simulation, and Recommender Systems. This includes a selection of models that achieve state of the art performance on IPUs, as well as code examples for self-learning. The README file in the repo lists details of all the models and which ML framework models are applicable to.

You can also access these examples from the Graphcore Model Garden, where you can filter by model type and framework.


The examples repository also contains some simple example programs and tutorials. These cover PyTorch, TensorFlow 2, TensorFlow 1, the Poplar graph programming framework, and the PopVision graph and system analyser tools.

The repository includes:

The repository also contains code used in technical notes, videos and blogs.


If you are using a version of the Poplar SDK prior to version 3.2, you will need to use the old GitHub tutorials repo. This has branches corresponding to each version of the SDK; for example for SDK 3.1, checkout branch sdk-release-3.1.


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