19. gc-boardtool

This tool is used to configure the installed C600 PCIe cards.

19.1. Thermal design power (TDP) limit

By default, the embedded firmware of a C600 will attempt to limit the power consumption to 192 watts. The normal IPU clock speed in a C600 is 1500 MHz. If the IPU is executing a series of particularly power-intensive operations the power consumption of the C600 may approach the power limit. If this occurs the clock speed will be temporarily reduced to ensure the limit is not exceeded. If your C600s are installed in a power or temperature constrained environment, it may be desirable to reduce the power limit. Alternatively if power and temperature is not a concern, you may wish to increase the limit. You can change the limit by using the gc-boardtool --set-tdp-limit option. To check the current value, use --get-tdp-limit.

For example:

To set the power limit of device 0 to 180W:

$ gc-boardtool -d 0 --set-tdp-limit 180

To set the power limit of all devices to 180W:

$ gc-boardtool --all-devices --set-tdp-limit 180

19.2. Usage

19.2.1. Available options

-d {id}, --device-id {id}

Device id to operate on


Carry out operation on all devices

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity


Ignore warnings


Don’t actually do anything


Read the TDP power cap value (Watts)

--set-tdp-limit {arg}

Set TDP power cap (Watts)

-h, --help

Produce help message


Version information