18. gc-reset

This tool resets the IPU devices. For example:

gc-reset -d {device_id}

Where {device_id} is the id number returned by the gc-info tool. This can refer to one IPU or a group of IPUs.

18.1. Usage

18.1.1. Allowed options

-t, --teardown-links

Teardown IPU links

-m, --reset-memory

Reset tile memory and registers (for debugging)

-d {id}, --device-id {id}

Device id

-h, --help

Produce help message


Version number

18.1.2. Examples

gc-reset           # reset all IPUs
gc-reset -d 0      # reset a single IPU
gc-reset -d 30 -t  # tear down a link
gc-reset -d 0 -m   # reinitialize memory and registers

18.1.3. Notes

  • When tearing down links, device ID is the MultiIPU group you want to untrain the links for. Typically you would want to use the biggest MultiIPU group.

  • Links cannot be torn down on IPUoF partitions; using the -t option on these platforms will have no effect.