21. C2 PCIe Device IDs and channel map

The following information applies to C2 cards in a PCIe server. For IPU-Machine and IPU-POD systems, see the appropriate product documentation.

21.1. Device IDs

The diagram below shows how single IPUs and then, hierarchically, groups of IPUs are numbered in a 16-IPU system. For example, device ID 25 corresponds to the four IPUs numbered 0 to 3. These numbers are the IDs used by tools such as gc-info.


Fig. 21.1 IPU device IDs

21.3. PCIe ID to slot mapping

The Graphcore tools typically deduce which IPU cards are in which PCIe slot via a table in the SMBIOS. Alternatively, a JSON configuration file may be provided by setting the environment variable GCDA_CONFIG_FILE. The file must have the following format:

  "ipu_card_mapping": [

Where “ipu_card_mapping” is an ordered list of the PCIe IDs for the Graphcore cards, from one side of the chassis to the next. Each pair of IDs should match a single card, and the next pair should be in the next physical slot.