11. gc-inventory

This tool lists the device attributes of all IPUs present in the system.

By default the results are output in a flat “key: value” layout. To get JSON-formatted output, specify the -j2 flag.

$ gc-inventory -j2
    "devices": [
            "id": "0",
            "target": "PCIe",
            "average board temp": "N\/A",
            "average die temp": "N\/A",
            "board ipu index": "1",
            "board serial number": "0340.0004.919062",
            "board type": "C2",
            "clock": "1300MHz",
            "driver version": "1.0.56",
            "firmware major version": "1",
            "firmware minor version": "4",
            "firmware patch version": "14",
            "firmware version": "1.4.14",
            "hexoatt active size (bytes)": "0",
            "hexoatt total size (bytes)": "17045651456",
            "hexopt active size (bytes)": "0",
            "hexopt total size (bytes)": "134217728",
            "host link correctable error count": "0",
            "ipu architecture": "ipu1",
            "ipu sync utilisation": "0.00%",
            "ipu utilisation": "0.00%",
            "ipu utilisation (session)": "0.00%",
            "link correctable error count": "0",
            "link speed": "8 GT\/s",
            "link width": "8",
            "numa node": "0",
            "parity initialised": "1",
            "pci id": "0000:1a:00.0",
            "pcie physical slot": "3",
            "remote buffers supported": "1",
            "sysfs file id": "0",
            "total board power": "N\/A"
            "id": "1",
            "target": "PCIe",


gc-inventory does not require exclusive access to devices, so can be used while IPUs are in use.

By default, gc-inventory only displays information about IPUs in the current active partition. To see the IPUs in other partitions, use the --all-partitions command line option.

11.1. Usage

11.1.1. Allowed options


List devices in all partitions

-2, --json-v2

Emit JSON output only using version 2 attribute names

-j, --json-output

Emit JSON output with v2 and legacy attribute names (deprecated)

-m, --multi-devices

Include MultiIPU devices in output

-h, --help

Produce help message


Version number