4. gc-exchangetest

This tool tests the IPU-Exchange fabric inside an IPU, ensuring that data can move properly between all the tile processors and memory locations.

It can be run as follows:

gc-exchangetest -d {device_id}

where {device_id} is the id number returned by the gc-inventory tool.

If the test finds no issues with the IPU-Exchange, then the output looks like this:

    "result": "pass"

If the test finds any issues with the IPU-Exchange, the output shows which tiles have failed. For example:

    "tile_results": [
            "12": "fail"
            "1000": "fail"
            "0": "fail"
    "result": "fail"

4.1. Usage

4.1.1. Allowed options

-d {id}, --device-id {id}

Device id

-h, --help

Produce help message

-v, --verbose

Verbose output


Version number