16. References

For more information about working with PopART on IPUs refer to the following:

16.1. Documentation

16.2. Running applications in Docker

You can run PopART applications in Docker on a Linux machine using one or more physical IPU devices. Refer to Using IPUs from Docker for more information.

16.3. Tutorials and simple examples


The PopART tutorials are only supported up to Poplar SDK 3.1.

All tutorials are available from the Graphcore tutorials repository on GitHub. This contains:


You need to check out the branch of the tutorials repository that corresponds to the version of the Poplar SDK you are using.

16.4. Application and code examples

16.5. Other support

  • You can use the tag “ipu” when asking questions or looking for answers on StackOverflow.

  • Support is available from the Graphcore customer engineering team via the Graphcore support portal.

  • For general help, discussions and announcements, please join our Graphcore Slack Community.