#include <poplar/LateInitCallback.hpp>
namespace poplar

Poplar classes and functions.


template<typename T>
using LateInitCallback = std::function<T(const VertexEdgeInfo&)>

A callback function of this type can be specified for a field of a vertex, instead of specifying an initialisation value with setInitialValue.

Will be called after the graph has been built. Will be passed information about the vertex fields. Needs to return the value for the field.

struct VertexEdgeInfo
#include <LateInitCallback.hpp>

Data structure that will be passed to the callback used for ‘late initialisation’ for vertex fields.

Contains address information for the other (edge) vertex fields to allow the callback to appropriately initialise the ‘late init’ field itself.

Public Members

std::map<std::string, std::vector<StorageInfo>> storage
struct StorageInfo

Public Members

std::uint64_t startOffs
std::uint32_t len