#include <poplar/VariableRef.hpp>
struct hash<poplar::VariableRef>

Public Functions

inline size_t operator()(const poplar::VariableRef &v) const
namespace poplar

Poplar classes and functions.


bool operator==(const VariableInterval &a, const VariableInterval &b)
bool operator<(const VariableInterval &a, const VariableInterval &b)
struct VariableInterval
#include <VariableRef.hpp>

Type representing a segment of a particular variable.

Public Functions

inline VariableInterval(VariableRef var, Interval interval)
VariableInterval() = default
VariableInterval(const VariableInterval &other) = default
VariableInterval(VariableInterval &&other) = default
VariableInterval &operator=(const VariableInterval &other) = default
VariableInterval &operator=(VariableInterval &&other) = default

Public Members

VariableRef var
Interval interval
class VariableRef
#include <VariableRef.hpp>

Type representing a reference to a variable in a graph.

Public Functions

inline VariableRef(unsigned id)
VariableRef() = default
VariableRef(const VariableRef &other) = default
VariableRef(VariableRef &&other) = default
VariableRef &operator=(const VariableRef &other) = default
VariableRef &operator=(VariableRef &&other) = default
std::size_t hash() const

Private Members

unsigned id


friend class Graph
inline friend bool operator==(const VariableRef &a, const VariableRef &b)
inline friend bool operator<(const VariableRef &a, const VariableRef &b)
namespace std
template<> VariableRef >

Public Functions

inline size_t operator()(const poplar::VariableRef &v) const