#include <popsparse/SparseTensor.hpp>

Basic representation of a sparse tensor.

namespace popsparse

Support for sparse matrices.

namespace dynamic

Support for dynamic sparse matrices.

class SparseTensor
#include <SparseTensor.hpp>

Representation of a sparse tensor.

Public Functions

SparseTensor() = default
SparseTensor(const SparseTensor &t) = default
inline SparseTensor(const poplar::Tensor &metaInfo, const poplar::Tensor &nzValues, const poputil::TensorMetaData &opMetaData = {})
inline const poplar::Tensor &getMetaInfoTensor() const
inline const poplar::Tensor &getNzValuesTensor() const
inline const poputil::TensorMetaData &getOpMetaData() const

Private Members

poplar::Tensor metaInfo

Tensor containing positional sparsity information.

poplar::Tensor nzValues

Tensor contains non zero values.

poputil::TensorMetaData opMetaData

Meta-data for this tensor object.