1. Introduction

The Graphcore examples repo on GitHub contains example programs and tutorials.

This includes:

  • Tutorials to help you get started using the Poplar SDK and Graphcore tools to run code on the IPU.

  • Feature examples: small code examples showing you how to use various software features when developing code for IPUs.

  • Simple application examples: basic applications written in different frameworks targeting the IPU.

The repository also contains code used in technical notes, videos and blogs.


This document is an easy-to-navigate list of those tutorials on GitHub.

1.1. Prerequisites

Before you can start following the instructions in this document, you must be able to log into a system with access to IPUs. Details are given in the getting started guide for your system:

1.2. Running these tutorials

You can run these tutorials in two ways:

  • directly from the Python code

  • from a Jupyter Notebook

The relevant instructions are provided in each tutorial but detailed setup guides are also available: