1. Introduction

The Graphcore Tutorials repository on GiHub contains simple example programs and tutorials.

This includes:

  • Tutorials to help you get started using the Poplar SDK and Graphcore tools to run code on the IPU.

  • Feature examples: small code examples showing you how to use various software features when developing code for IPUs.

  • Simple application examples: basic applications written in different frameworks targeting the IPU.

  • Kernel benchmarks: code for benchmarking the performance of selected types of neural network layers on the IPU, using TensorFlow or our PopART framework.

The tutorials repository also contains code used in technical notes, videos and blogs.


This document is an easy-to-navigate list of those tutorials on GitHub.

1.1. Prerequisites

Before you can start following the instructions in this document, you must be able to log into a system with access to IPUs. Details are given in the getting started guide for your system:

1.2. Running these tutorials

You can run these tutorials in two ways:

  • directly from the Python code

  • from a Jupyter Notebook

The relevant instructions are provided in each tutorial but detailed setup guides are also available: